Kamado Grills

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We offer the highest quality Kamado BBQ Grills and all the accessories needed to fulfil your cooking passion. We offer 5 different sizes of grilles that fit all the occasions.

Kamado Bono Picnic model is the newest release ceramic barbecue model. Manufactured for a small group of people who loves spending time outdoors. Due to its lightweight, you can just put this kamado bbq grill in the back of your car and take it to anywhere you want.

Kamado Bono Minimo ceramic grill is a compact model recommended for smaller groups of people. Perfect for picnics or use in smaller terraces. Best for a small group of people recommended up to 5. So if you are a family that loves cooking it is the perfect model for you!

Kamado Bono Media ceramic egg bbq grill is the most popular grill in our family. This model comes in 2 colours: Red or Black. This kamado bbq grill is an excellent choice for people who loves spending time with family and friends.

Kamado Bono Grande ceramic bbq grill is one of the largest models we have. This kamado bbq grill can serve more than 10 people at the time. So if you love spending time with a big group of people and enjoy grilled food is the perfect fit for you.

Kamado Bono Grande Limited is the largest grill in our family. Designed to serve a large group of people (15+). Ideal for restaurants or to anybody who loves to have a device that could feed a whole football team.



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