Oven Ready Pheasant

Oven Ready Pheasant

Oven Ready Pheasant

  • Oven Ready
  • Birds size about 600g.
  • Serves 1 to 2 people

Prepared for the oven by our expert butchers.

There are two ways to cook your pheasant - plain roast or casserole. Like turkey, pheasant has a dryish texture, so for roasting cover with fatty bacon or foil for most of the cooking period. Traditionally served with bread sauce, game chips (a little like crisps) and a vegetable of choice.

This product will be sent frozen on the shipment day. Once received it keep it refrigerated below 5 C & use by the date shown on the label.

Please note, there is a big chance of finding a pellet in the bird as its been hunted and metal detector cannot always discover it.




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