Big Family Roast

Big Family Roast

Big Family Roast

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Festive , meaty & delicious family box deal .

This deal will include :

4 x partridges ( whole birds , 250g each )

1 x oven ready wild rabbit (700g-900g)

1 x Venison haunch steak(2 steaks ,170-190 each )

1 x Venison diced  ( 500g pack)

1 x Gluten free Venison and red wine sausages ( 6 in pack) fresh + 1 week

1 x Gluten free Wild boar & apple sausages ( 6 in pack) fresh + 1 week

 Next day delivery service Monday -Thursday 14:00 .

If you wish to delay your order ,please contact us or simply leave a note . 

This product will be sent frozen on the shipment day. Once received it will be defrosted, keep it refrigerated below 5 C & use within 3 days .Do not refreeze .

Please note, there is a big chance of finding a pellet in the rabbit, partridges as its been hunted and metal detector cannot always discover it. 





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