Wild Boar Burgers

Wild Boar Burgers

Wild Boar Burgers

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Made from Wild Boar mince & apples, with the addition of seasonings. Easy to cook and a healthier alternative to a beef burger on the barbecue!                                              
  • 4 burgers per pack - 680g.
  • Beautifully seasoned
  • Easy to cook - just grill or bake
  • 80% Boar                               


Please note: burgers will be sent fresh, but with short use by date and are suitable for home freezing.

Wild Boar (80%), gluten free crumb (rice flour, water, dextrose, monohydrate, vegetable fibre, salt, stabilizer, caramelised sugar syrup, paprika extract), salt, dried apple pieces, preservative sulphur dioxide, stabiliser, dextrose, dried leek pieces, preservative sodium metabisulphite, ground black pepper, ascorbic acid, natural flavouring extracts.
1. Remove required number of burgers from packaging. Place on a clean pre-heated flat grill at a medium heat, waiting for at least 4 minutes before flipping. 2. Cook until both sides are browned, and the burger is cooked to the desired doneness, about 10-15 minutes for fully cooked burgers. 3. Let the burgers rest for about 5 minutes before serving.


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