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Our New Sweet Chilli Deer Jerky is Gluten Free and its handmade using same way as our other jerky. 

Each piece of game meat is rubbed with salt, jalapeno pepper, apple vinegar, caraway and other spices to season, after seasoning it's placed in special containers for curing. 

Deer Jerky has sweet and sour flavour.

Perfect for people who are on strict diets or doing a lot of exercising. This is full of protein!

Ingredients: Deer 96%, water, soybeans, salt, brown cane sugar, apple vinegar, black pepper, caraway, jalapeno peppers.

It takes 250 g of deer meat to make 100 g jerky.


Nutrition information per 100 g:                                                                                               
Energy value 1440 kj / 341 kcal, fat 8 g of which saturates 3.1 g, carbohydrate 9.8 g of which sugars 7 g, protein 57.5 g, salt 4.6 g.

This product is Gluten Free, Cured, Air Dried, Full of Protein

Approx. weight: 40 g.

Storage conditions: temp. 0+15 c.

Use by: 3 months

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