Dried Red Deer BASTURMA with Armenian spices

NEW! Dried Red Deer BASTURMA - Wild Game Meat

Dried Red Deer BASTURMA with Armenian spices

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Highest quality - it takes 250g of meat to make 100g of product

Basturma is made of 92.3% Red Deer and added Armenian spices for exclusive flavour..

BASTURMA - air-dried red deer, which is a special and exclusive product not only for its flavor, aroma, traditions and methods of consumption, but also for the history of origin, which reaches 95-45 years BC. when Armenia was ruled by powerful king TIGRANES THE GREAT. He expanded his possessions from the Black to the Mediterranean Sea. Crafts developed, the culture of the country grew up. Caravans from Armenia traveled to the far countries. Armenian merchants even traded with China and India. Exhausting trips lasted for months. They could take along any food except meat. It became rotten in just a few days. Then the technology of curing meat appeared - salting and drying. This technology both allowed meat to stay fresh during long trips and surprised people from the farness with its taste. Armenians call this dish “Basturma”. 

Nutrition information: energy 1074kj / 254kcal, fat 2.8g of which saturated fat 1.36g, carbohydrates 13.7g of which sugars 3.64g, protein 43.3g, salt 7.93g

In temp changes salt might appear on the product.

Storage conditions: 0 - 20C

Weight: 60g



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