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Artisanal alpine hard cheese. 8 months matured

Artisanal alpine hard cheese. 8 months matured - Wild Game Meat

Artisanal alpine hard cheese. 8 months matured

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Our alpine cheese “spicy” receives it’s mild aroma through experienced, manual care by hand and the traditional alpine dairy production method. Artisanal small scale manufacturing process!

300g pack.


In German language this cheese speciality is called Bergkäse.

Our alpine hard cheese spicy (8 month matured in natural cellar) gets its mild aroma through hand care and very traditional hand-made production – without the use of modern dairy machinery. The alpine cheese spicy is one of the premium quality hard cheese products of the valley dairy “Rehmer Sennhus” located at about 800 meters sea level in the Austrian alps. Thanks to the long 8 months storage Bergkäse have an incomparably natural flavour.

With the spicy mountain cheese with 8 months cheese ripening you hold a special mountain cheese speciality in your hands. The alpine cheese spicy gets its spicy aroma by 100% manual care from our MASTER CHEESEMAKER Hermann Berchtold in the natural cellar. The alpine cheese rind is maintained or massaged with sodium chloride-free, iodine-free salt and pure, dextrorotatory spring water.

Master cheesemaker Hermann Berchtold develops a special ambition when it comes to composing new cheese taste sensations respectively new cheese creations. Hermann achieves the special flavours and exquisite taste with some important cheese secrets, such as:

  • Cheese wheel storage only on wooden boards in the natural cellar without artificial air conditioning
  • Traditional hand scooped with cheesecloth
  • Care without chemical additives
  • Use of unpumped hay milk (no pump machinery for the milk transportation)
  • Natural rennet
  • Iodine-free salt
  • Spring water from the Ilga spring

The cheese maturing time of 8 months gives the hard cheese a pleasantly mild cheese flavour. Alpine cheese is generally indispensable as a typical area cheese specialty from the local gourmet kitchen.

Important note: As a purity requirement of our premium quality cheeses, we never add additives such as spices, herbs, etc. into the cheese dough. Only the cheese rind is treated.


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